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Medical Costs Finder

Use the Department of Health and Aged Care’s Medical Costs Finder to find typical fees and costs for common medical services. Search for medical services, specialities or MBS items. You can also browse the list of procedures, specialties, and services to find what you are looking for. Helpful information is available on each page

Contracted Private Hospitals

Hunter Health Insurance is contracted with over 90% of private hospitals Australia-wide.  Search our contracted hospitals via our contracting partners (ARHG) website here:

Lifetime Health Loading

Find out more about Lifetime Health Loading here:

Federal Government Rebate Scheme

Find out more about health insurance rebates here:

Medicare Levy Surcharge

Find out more about the Medicare Levy Surcharge and how this can change depending on your level of income and whether you have private health insurance cover here:

Private Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance Ombudsman

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