Newcastle Eye Hospital

Newcastle Eye Hospital

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A comprehensive eye care services right here in the Hunter

In the heart of Waratah lies Hunter Eye Surgeons, a sanctuary for those seeking comprehensive eye care services. As part of Newcastle Eye Hospital, they stand out for their ability to swiftly respond to emergencies, uniquely capable of performing operations within just thirty minutes of arrival, a feat unmatched in the region. This commitment to rapid and expert care underscores their dedication to ensuring patients receive timely attention when faced with urgent eye health issues.

Led by a team of seasoned specialists, Hunter Eye Surgeons offers a broad spectrum of services tailored to individual needs. From routine eye exams to intricate surgical procedures addressing conditions like cataracts and glaucoma, they provide personalised care of the highest standard, prioritising the preservation and enhancement of vision.

Conveniently located in Waratah, accessibility is a key feature of their practice, ensuring patients from all corners of the region can easily access their services. With state-of-the-art facilities and a compassionate approach to patient care, Hunter Eye Surgeons strives to make every patient’s journey as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

For those seeking clarity and health in their vision, Hunter Eye Surgeons stands ready to serve, offering not just medical expertise but also a pathway to a brighter future.

Newcastle Eye Hospital

Address: 182 Christo Rd, Waratah NSW 2298
Phone: (02) 49674929

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2 Months ago

I have just had cataract surgery to both eyes. Prior to this surgery I was extremely anxious about the procedure. I wish to thank the entire team at all levels for a professional and caring approach.


3 Months ago

I had cataracts removed August 2023 by Dr Davies and staff. I had worn glasses for40 yrs, but have not needed them since. The procedure was quick and painless, and the care given was exceptional. The improvement in my vision is almost beyond belief I could not recommend this facility more highly


3 months ago

I recently had two procedures at the NEH with Dr Peter Davies. The expertise and professionalism of staff to make sure for a calm experience was comforting. Thank you to all, there are many of you that make these wheels turn. 😊


5 Months ago

I have received excellent service from both Dr Peter Davies and staff at the Newcastle Eye Hospital over the past two months. I highly recommend Dr Davies to anyone wanting quality care and treatment for their eyes