Mitchell Integrated Therapy – Kurri Kurri

Mitchell Integrated Therapy – Kurri Kurri

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In the heart of Kurri Kurri stands Mitchell Physiotherapy, a beacon of health and wellness for the local community. With a focus on physiotherapy, their clinic offers tailored treatments to aid in injury recovery, chronic condition management, and overall well-being.

Accessible to residents of Kurri Kurri and its surroundings, Mitchell Physiotherapy’s Kurri Kurri branch welcomes individuals seeking quality healthcare. Their commitment to affordability extends to accepting various health insurance providers, ensuring accessibility for all patients. Administrative staff are on hand to navigate insurance queries, simplifying the process for visitors.

Within Mitchell Physiotherapy’s Kurri Kurri branch, a comprehensive range of physiotherapy treatments awaits. From manual therapy to exercise prescription and electrotherapy, their skilled physiotherapists craft personalised plans addressing diverse needs, whether recovering from surgery, managing sports injuries, or coping with chronic pain.

Mitchell Physiotherapy prioritises empowering individuals on their journey to better health. For those seeking relief and rehabilitation, Mitchell Physiotherapy offers not just treatments but a pathway to improved well-being in the heart of Kurri Kurri.

Mitchell Integrated Therapy – Kurri Kurri

Address: 110A Lang St, Kurri Kurri NSW 2327
Hours: Monday
9 am–6 pm

9 am–5 pm

10 am–4 pm

10:30 am–5 pm

10 am–5:30 pm



Phone: (02) 49375308

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