Corporate Health Insurance & Community Group Packages

Corporate health insurance packages from Hunter Health Insurance help businesses and community groups in the Hunter Valley and Central Coast regions provide comprehensive healthcare benefits to their employees and members.

We help you enhance employee well-being and satisfaction by offering personalised health insurance plans with no outsourced call centres or automated phone menus. Our commitment to exceptional service and community-focused care sets us apart.

Why Choose Hunter Health Insurance for Corporate Health Insurance?

We understand the importance of providing top-tier health insurance for your employees or members. Our tailored corporate health insurance packages and community group health insurance packages are designed to meet the unique needs of local businesses and community groups. With us, you’re not just a policy number; you’re part of our community.

Tailored Corporate and Community Group Packages

We offer corporate health insurance packages specifically designed for employers with more than 20 employees and community group health insurance packages for not-for-profit community groups. Our packages introduce your team to the Hunter Health Insurance difference, ensuring they receive the best possible care and support.

Comprehensive Group Health Insurance Plans

Our group health insurance plans feature a full range of Hospital and Extras covers, providing extensive protection for your employees or members.

Key benefits include:

Standing Discounts on Policy Premiums: Enjoy reduced rates on our comprehensive policies.

Extras Waiting Periods Waived: Subject to approval, combined policies can have their waiting periods for extras waived.

Dedicated Account Manager: Receive personalised support from a dedicated account manager.

Information Sessions at Your Location: We conduct informative sessions at your workplace or community location to educate your team about their health insurance options.

Flexible and Convenient Corporate and Community Group Solutions

Hunter Health Insurance makes it easy to manage your group’s health insurance needs with flexible payment structures and various claiming options:

Easy Claiming

Your employees or members can claim online, at the point of service, via email, or through our retail centre, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Reduced Premiums

For hospital cover, we offer reduced premiums equivalent to the ambulance levy amount in NSW and ACT.

‘Plus’ Rated Hospital Covers

Our hospital covers exceed the industry minimum coverage, ensuring your team gets the best care possible.

Comprehensive Extras Products

Our extras products include options for gap-free preventative dental and access to healthy lifestyle programs such as the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet.

Custom Solutions for Large Groups with Group Health Insurance Plans

For groups referring over 50 members, we provide a dedicated online join page, making it simple for new members to enrol and start benefiting from our health insurance plans immediately.

Learn More About Our Corporate and Community Group Health Insurance Packages

Hunter Health Insurance is committed to providing top-tier group health insurance plans that offer comprehensive benefits and exceptional value. Our packages are designed to cater to the needs of businesses and community groups, ensuring your team has access to the best health care options available.

Key Features of Our Corporate and Community Group Health Insurance Packages

  • Hospital and Extras Covers: Comprehensive protection tailored to meet the needs of your employees or members.
  • Standing Discount on Policy Premiums: Enjoy savings on policy premiums.
  • Waived Extras Waiting Periods: For combined policies, subject to approval.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: Personalised support for your group.
  • Information Sessions: Held at your location for your convenience.
  • Flexible Payment Structures: Customised to fit your budget.
  • Dedicated Online Join Page: For groups with over 50 members.
  • Easy Claiming Options: Online, at point of service, via email, or at our retail centre.
  • Reduced Premiums: Equivalent to the ambulance levy amount in NSW and ACT.
  • ‘Plus’ Rated Hospital Covers: Exceeding industry standards.
  • Gap-Free Preventative Dental: Available with our extras products.
  • Access to Healthy Lifestyle Programs: Including the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet.

Contact Us Today for Corporate and Community Group Health Insurance Packages

If you are an employer with more than 20 employees or a not-for-profit community group based in the Hunter Valley or Central Coast region, contact us today to learn more about our corporate private health insurance packages. Let Hunter Health Insurance help you provide the best health insurance options for your team, ensuring they receive the care and support they deserve.

For more information or to get a personalised quote, call us at 02 4990 1385.

Our team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect health insurance solution for your business or community group.